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Entry #2

Greetings Ya'll

2008-03-19 06:10:24 by DarkNigel

Hi, I'm a musician / composer. my main instrument is the guitar. In the last few years I've gotten away from analog and have begun an interest in computer based recording (it sure makes editing ez, no more tape cutting here) . The work I'll be submitting on NG will primarily be midi based or at least the rhythm beds with a blend of real time instruments. These submissions will be full length cuts and loops.

Actually, I think I'll stick with real instruments and real musicians and real time recordings....Why ? ..well I believe it will help balance out the midi / loop to musician ratio that I've noticed happening here on new grounds and plus, I've gotten really bored with midi and all of its limitations and headaches. So instead I'll submit all my publishers "reject" tunes here for the woot of it, this shall keep both of us happy.



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